Steel cord conveyor belts


500 mm to 3,200 mm wide steel cord belts

The steel cord belts produced by Semperit are characterised by a high level of operational safety and a long life span. Stability and exceptional grip are the results of the ongoing optimisation of all stages of the production process.

Textile conveyor belts


400 mm to 2,750 mm wide textile belts

The textile belts provide high performance and flexibility on the basis of the latest technologies. They guarantee optimal operations with respect to the conveying of cold and chemically neutral bulk materials in the field of raw material extraction and in the processing industry.

Service & Support


Competence in service and support

A network of specialists guarantees high product and service quality as well as competent consulting and advisory services – covering all stages from the design phase, support in set up and installation of the product to optimazation of operations.