Expert interviews

Meet our experts, who all have a wealth of knowledge about their specialty areas to share. Find out what makes Sempertrans so special and how we have managed to stay on top as a conveyor belt provider.

Our expert interviews are posted once a month.

"Establishing a strong service culture entails having excellent people."

Service is about giving customers what they want: enhanced productivity, improved customer experience and reduced operational costs. Sempertrans' Field Service department have made these their team mission.

"Products become solutions."

More and more customers urge us to push the limits of conveying technology. Thanks to Application Engineering's high level expertise, Sempertrans is ready to help them overcome their challenges.

Andreas Fürsten

“Safety is a never-ending challenge.”

Despite positive progress in terms of safety resulting from the company's efforts to eliminate risky and unsafe situations at the workplace, safety should never be taken for granted. Andreas tells us why.

Anna Michalczuk

“The secret to innovation is thinking like a child: always ask why.”

12 years as the Head of R&D for Sempertrans have brought invaluable experience to Anna, who explained to us what innovation means for her and Sempertrans.

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