In-house production of steel cords

Sempertrans has an in-house production of high strength steel cords and proprietary mixing facilities for high-tech rubber compounds. This ensures the highest flexibility in belt design and construction, as well as complete control over the technology and the entire production chain.

Our steel cord production unit is specialised in the design and production of steel cords for Sempertrans conveyor belts. The consequent short lead times enable us to react with increased flexibility to our customers’ requirements.

The steel cords as embedded in our high-tech rubber comprise the crucial components enabling high nominal strength. The cords used for example in Sempercord belts are designed in “open construction”. This allows the rubber to penetrate each individual cord during the production process, ensuring high pull-out strength and protection against corrosion.

All our steel cords are either zinc or brass coated for special applications, providing the highest protection against corrosion and the highest adhesion to the rubber matrix, as well as additional protection against corrosion. This extends the service life of Sempertrans steel cord belts.

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