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Latest Video from Mae Moh, the largest open-pit lignite mine in South East Asia

Our latest video from the Mae Moh Mine in Thailand is ready. Watch it and see how our guys from Global Field Service were on-site to supervise the splicing of our belts. For more than 10 years we have been supplying the Mae Moh Mine with conveyor belts. This mine is the largest open-pit lignite mine in South East Asia. 

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    Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have known Semperit as a reliable partner. We value the performance and durability of Sempertrans conveyor belts, and the company's extensive innovative strength. Semperit has also impressed us with its new energy-saving conveyor belt, given the fact that energy efficiency is an extremely important issue in our industry. That is why we look forward to our enhanced cooperation with optimism.

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    Besides product and consulting quality, Sempertrans always impresses us with its unconditional service. We just recently had an incident in our steel mill that required almost immediate delivery and installation of 400 metres of conveyor belt. The Sempertrans crew of 10 came right away and saved the day. The costs of shutting down one of our blast furnaces would have been astronomical. Sempertrans is as solid as ArcelorMittal steel. That is why we are a perfect match and true business partners.

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