Steel industry

Sempertrans has long nurtured a close relationship with steel manufacturers, providing them with conveyor belt technology which ensures safe and reliable material transport.

We support the steel industry with products which bring benefits most valuable to our customers: outstanding impact protection and high durability.

Impact resistant belts

Sempertrans provides conveyor belts with unique steel carcass constructions which offer advantages such as impact and cutting resistance. The Metalcord belt in particular is designed to tolerate the most challenging conditions. It consists of three layers of steel cords, including super high elastic cords in the weft direction, which allows for excellent cord/rubber adhesion even under tough working conditions, as well as exceptional resistance to repeated impact and penetration.

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Heat resistant belts

Sempertrans has developed compounds with heat resistance values to support the transport of hot raw materials. Conveyor belts with a heat resistant cover are made to withstand high temperatures and ensure a longer life span.

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Specialty and energy-saving solutions

As energy costs represent a large portion of the total operational costs for our steel customers, Sempertrans conveyor belts can help reduce energy consumption on conveyors.

Sempertrans developed and successfully launched an innovative, energy-saving conveyor belt. TransEvo features a new rubber mixture enabling a considerable reduction in roll resistance and thus achieving energy savings of up to 25% compared with conventional conveyor belt solutions.

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