Interview: Establishing a strong service culture

02 February 2017

The conveyor belts have been developed with the help of Sempertrans' Sales and Application Engineering teams to suit the customer's application, produced in one or more of our factories, and shipped to the customer site. Now what? That's when the next crucial phase of the customer project begins: installation and splicing.

This is only one part of how Sempertrans' Field Service team can support our customers. Our expert technicians are able to assist as and where our customers require, be it supervision of local service partners or total project management. All we have learnt over the years is that after putting so much effort into making a high quality conveyor belt product, there has to be the same attention to detail to ensure that they are joined together correctly.

We have asked Alan D'Arcy, Head of Global Service, how impeccable Field Service impacts the performance of the conveyor belts and, in turn, customer satisfaction. Read his interview here.