Women´s power in conveyor belting

07 March 2019


Traditionally there are still more men than women working in the conveyor belt industry. But that doesn´t make a difference. Meet four female colleagues and learn that it´s more about the experienced team, the flexibility and the great opportunity to learn. From young colleagues who aspire to be future leaders to women who drive the business in a whole continent. Today we celebrate the women at Sempertrans!



Irene Coughlin is driving the business and success in one of our largest focus markets as General Manager and Head of Sales Americas. Irene joined Sempertrans in 2015 and started her career as our Business Development and Strategic Projects Manager in Vienna. Soon after her start, she followed her growth project to North America and has been an integral part in our setup and development in the region. She continues to strive for success, push boundaries and grow the business in an attempt to help Sempertrans flourish in the Americas. Irene believes diversity and gender equality bring the best results. “There is space for everyone in the industry, women included, to pursue an exciting and rewarding career.”



Martyna Chlebowska recently joined Sempertrans Poland after finishing her Master studies of electrical engineering in 2018. She is Electrician Engineer and the first woman ever who worked in the maintenance department of our production site in Poland. For her it doesn´t make a difference that more men than woman are working in the conveyor belt industry. She is at the beginning of her career and joined Sempertrans to learn and get experience: “It´s more about the experienced team, the flexibility and the great opportunity to learn.”



Manasvi Gosavi works as Product and Solutions Manager at Sempertrans India. She graduated as production engineer and has 11 years of experience in technical fields. She likes to describe her experience at Sempertrans as an incredible job: “I have daily contact with the male technical team. I´m not afraid of sharing my opinion and it is respected. There is full gender equality.”



Magdalena Mlynarczyk, Process Engineer, thinks that in her position it doesn´t depend if you are a woman or a man. It´s about your know-how and your personality. Sempertrans is her second job after she graduated from university in mining and geology. It´s a typical male study so she is used to deal only with male colleagues. At Sempertrans she is responsible for belt production for the African market  but also for textile belts cutting process and reinforcement building process on the cutting weft machine. “With my male colleagues I have a very direct communication. This makes it quite easy to cooperate. They are always helpful and I can always count on them.”