Women´s power in conveyor belting

06 March 2020

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Sempertrans would like to recognise all female colleagues for their contribution to the industry. Yes, the conveyor belt industry – and more generally the rubber industry – is traditionally a male dominated sector. But women have progressively made great strides in our company specifically.

We have spoken to four exceptional women supporting the Sempertrans segment in various departments and asked them what it was like to fulfil their role as women in a predominantly male environment. Their common statement? Women have a footprint in the industry and make the company thrive with their ideas and dedication. Let us tell you their stories. 

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Pilar A. Muñoz Barraza is one of our powerful female colleagues, determined to make their mark and change the game. She successfully drives our business as Sales Manager South America. Pilar has more than 20 years of history in the mining and conveyor belt market and holds a degree in technical engineering. She is passionate about her job in the industry: “The conveyor belting industry is one where women can thrive if they love what they are doing. Two of the best parts of my job are working with such a great team and seeing first-hand the great engineering job we do.”

Malgorzata Kozik joined Sempertrans Bełchatów as Head of SHE in April 2014. In the last years she has built up her team being responsible for safety at the production site in Bełchatów. It´s one of the biggest conveyor belt production sites worldwide. As member of our Semperactive running team, Malgorzata has a powerful attitude: ”Get out of your comfort zone and be sure you keep challenging yourself.”

One of the more female-concentrated departments is traditionally HR. Jaanhvi Nautiyal joined in September 2015 as Head of HR in India. In her position she plays an important role to encourage equality and support the advancement of women: “There is full gender equality at Sempertrans. The leadership of the company makes all the difference. This helps retain great women and it will pay off in the future as loyal employees give back so much when they know they are supported and appreciated. I am thus happy to be part of the Semperit family.”

Jolanta Kuligowska has been working at Sempertrans Bełchatów for incredible 41 years. She joined in October 1979 after finishing her highschool. Jolanta started in conveyor belt production with nearly 100% male colleagues, later she worked in the transport and security team. Currently she works as receptionist. Her colleagues describe her as the most helpful person on which you can always count. Jolanta believes that it is all about good cooperation: “Your position, gender or background doesn´t matter. The most important values are respect and support.”