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Sempertrans has been developing, manufacturing and installing conveyor belts for more than 50 years. Its far reaching experience, state-of-art technologies and high production capacity, as well as its know-how have made it one of the world's leading suppliers, guaranteeing excellent quality in terms of products and services.

1824 – Foundation of Semperit

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The Austrian group Semperit AG is one of the leading manufacturers in the development and production of rubber products. Founded in 1824, the company is one of the oldest European manufacturers. 

1852 – First steps

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In 1852 Semperit builds its first European rubber factory in Wimpassing, Austria, which hosts today one of its R&D centres.

1890 – Semperit goes public

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In 1890 Semperit goes public, becoming listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange for the first time. 

1985 - Conveyor belting in the limelight with Sempertrans France Belting Technology

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In 1985 Semperit purchases the French conveyor belt company “Sempertrans France Belting Technology” (SFBT), marking the beginnings of Sempertrans – a division of the Semperit Group. 

2000 – Acquisition of Sempertrans Poland

2000 – Acquisition of STB Poland

The acquisition of the conveyor belt plant in Belchatow, Poland in 2000 allows Sempertrans to further expand. With the investments of the last few years, the plant has become of the largest production capacities in Europe. It has been producing conveyor belts since 1980.

2001 – Expansion into Asia

2001 – Expansion into Asia

Thanks to the joint venture with Nirlon, Sempertrans opens its first production plant outside Europe in 2001: “Sempertrans Nirlon LTD” in India, which becomes “Sempertrans India Private Limited” in 2014. Nirlon had been manufacturing conveyor belts since 1978.

2014 – 2018 Expansion of the production site in Belchatow, Poland

Since 2014 we have invested more than 40 m EUR to expand the production capacities of the plant in Poland.

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