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We see ourselves as partners that help you find optimal conveyor belting solutions for your specific requirements. Everything we do is guided by one clear goal in mind: we create added value by making your entire conveyor system as safe, efficient and reliable as possible.

At Sempertrans, it is paramount that we understand the ins and out of your industry, what your needs are and how we can meet your expectations. Our 50 years of experience in conveyor belt technology have already brought us acute knowledge about what our customers around the world expect from us. But we pride ourselves in constantly going the extra mile to be up-to-date with the drivers that are critical to your success.

We supply tailored conveyor belts to a wide range of industries which require both high-performance and economical transport of raw materials and other goods.

Main areas of application


From lignite to iron ore or gold mines, Sempertrans’ engineered solutions ensure safe and reliable conveying.

Steel industry

Sempertrans helps steelmakers protect their material with impact resistant belts.

Cement industry

Sempertrans works with the major players of the Cement industry, delivering long-lasting heat resistant belts.


Quarries, grain or mineral, gravel or salt – Sempertrans supports smooth extraction of all kinds of materials.

Other industries

Chemical industry and fertilisers, power plants, paper and wood industry, recycling industry, overland conveyors, etc.

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OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturers More and more OEMs strive to reduce operating costs as well as energy and emission consumption. To make your operations as efficient as possible Sempertrans offers tailored and turnkey solutions.

Distribution Partners Through our partnership with distribution partners Sempertrans aims to add value to your projects. We commit to delivering the highest quality standards as well as exemplary service.