Transglis belts are the optimal solution if the application does not allow idlers or empty spaces under the loaded belt.

Key features

  • On the loaded portion of the installation, the full width and length of the belt glides on a flat surface, allowing a smooth transfer of the unevenly distributed loads
  • Different cover grades available depending on the type of use and the material conveyed

Technical details

  • Two textile plies (polyester warp/polyamide weft), including one sliding (bottom) side
  • Rot proof carcass and slide layer
  • Splicing possible also with mechanical fasteners


  • Chemical industry and fertilisers
  • Packing industry
  • Recycling industry


  • Transdura (anti-abrasive)
  • Transflam (flame retardant)
  • Transoil (oil resistant)
  • Transtherm (heat resistant)
  • Transcold (cold resistant)

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