Application Engineering

By choosing Sempertrans, you partner with a supplier that is dedicated to working with you every step of the way to deliver the best possible conveyor belt solution for your specific application.

Our Global Application Engineering team has the technical expertise to optimally identify your needs and provide you with advice far in advance of the actual production process. Their goal is to reach the highest level of safety, efficiency and durability for your conveying operations.

From conveyor belt design and optimisation for first-time custom installation projects – working closely with OEMs in some cases – to replacement projects, our technical experts focus on creating value by finding ways to enhance the performance of your conveyors and maximise your investment.

To do so, the Application Engineers are at your disposal for:

  • Personalised customer consulting, providing best-in-class technical solutions
  • Understanding your needs and translating your requirements into product recommendations or specially designed belts
  • Local engineering support to solve technical issues

Sempertrans can perform a thorough inspection of your conveyor system to identify potential improvement areas and weaknesses and, based on the diagnosis, provide insights into the most suitable conveyor belt. Parameters such as type of carcass, tensile strength, cover grades and additional reinforcements, as well as drive power, pulley diameters, take-up and many more, will be evaluated to choose the most efficient and appropriate conveyor belt solution.

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Field Service Service is a critical factor to make your belt as durable as possible. We offer installation, splicing and maintenance services.

Areas of application Our expertise encompasses a wide range of industries, from mining to steel and cement. Find out what Sempertrans has in store for your application.