Field Service

At the heart of Sempertrans is our commitment to provide first-class products to customers around the world. With combined effort from customers and our own experts to determine the best conveyor belt technology for the required application, we believe that service is equally fundamental to ensure smooth operations and increase longevity of your equipment, thus boosting profitability.

Our teams of experienced service technicians and extensive network of local service partners support our customers worldwide with their extensive know-how to help keep your conveyor up-and-running with maximum efficiency.

Installation and maintenance

Sempertrans offers you both the training as well as the supervision of your team for the installation and maintenance of your conveyor belt, ensuring an independent continuation of your project.

Through the in-depth knowledge transferred to your staff by our service experts, you benefit from faster turnaround and intervention, especially in case of minor troubleshooting.

Splicing expertise

Our local partner network and Field Service teams are specialists in the splicing of all Sempertrans belts, whether with textile or steel cord carcasses. Boasting proficiency in the latest splicing techniques, they offer splicing supervision for a perfect assembly of the belt on your conveyor using state-of-the-art splicing kits.

Benefits of partnering with Sempertrans’ Field Service team

  • Efficient transport of your material with minimal disruption
  • Minimised downtime due to a reduction in breakdowns
  • Optimised lifetime of your belt
  • Maximised output and productivity

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