Sempertrans places the utmost importance on the quality of its products and services. Our conveyor belts are specifically engineered to meet the most demanding and stringent global customer specifications and, as a result, have earned a strong reputation across the globe for their established high performance level.

We make it a focal point to engage in all processes of manufacturing a conveyor belt, from creating our own belt design to mixing our own compounds in-house and producing our own steel cords in our production site in Poland. This way, we ensure continuous know-how transfer and exchange of experience among the individual business areas, thereby achieving greater efficiency.

R&D strategy

Our commitment to innovation is driven by significant focus on research and development. In our decentralised product development centres and laboratories, our research experts are devoted to developing the optimum solutions to fulfill customers’ current requirements and anticipate their future needs.

Our R&D efforts are directed towards three main objectives:

  • Market-oriented product innovations through continuous improvement and development of materials (both elastomers and reinforcing materials)
  • Optimising the use of resources by reducing waste of energy and materials used in the production and design of products
  • More flexible production methods through the development of new belt production technology and the improvement of manufacturing processes to respond rapidly to changes in raw material prices and market demand

Rubber compounds

Sempertrans constantly optimises rubber compounds to deliver innovative products to customers. Adapting the rubber properties to the needs of the customer is the task of our R&D team. Our experienced researchers and chemists are committed to developing the right compound and certify it according to the relevant regulations, wherever the place of operation might be in the world.

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In-house production of steel cords This ensures the highest flexibility in belt design and construction, as well as complete control over the technology and the entire production chain.

Product portfolio Our product solutions are constructed using special properties which aim to provide the highest level of performance to our customers’ area of application.